Health Coaching

Health is not a destination; it's a very attainable state of being that we can access when we consciously engage with food, exercise, relationships, spirituality and goals. I'm here to be your support as you learn how to access health. 

Health coaching is a service that provides you with an opportunity to look at the whole picture of your health. I take a holistic approach, meaning that while we will address nutrition, we will also look at your exercise, career, relationships and spirituality. When these things are in balance, you can easily be in a state of optimum health. I approach nutrition from a bio-individual perspective. This means there won’t be any one-size-fits-all meal plans, but a careful consideration of what works for your body and your lifestyle. These programs are highly customized to my clients needs. One coaching session includes one 15-minute phone call follow-up and one e-mail follow-up.

I also offer a 3-Month Program of personalized health coaching. We meet twice a month during our program for 1 hour of in-depth conversation. In between our sessions, I offer e-mail support and check-ins. The programs are available over the phone or Skype, as well as in person. Book using the form below. 


Single, hour-long session: $150 (includes a 15-minute follow up phone call)

3-Month Package: $800 (6 sessions, meeting every other week. Save $100 by committing to yourself!)


Reiki is a gentle practice that transmits healing energy to any place in the physical or energetic body where it is needed. I will talk with you at the beginning of the appointment to get a sense of what you're going through, and then I will place my hands along different energy centers in the body to bring you to a clear and relaxed state. Reiki is not aligned with a particular religion, and you don’t have to adhere to a specific set of beliefs to benefit from Reiki. It is a universal healing modality. The experience can range from subtle and relaxing to spiritually transformative. Reiki energy will flow where it needs to, and the effects are different for each person according to what they are going through.

I offer Reiki at the rate of $100 for an hour. I see clients at Maha Rose Center for Healing in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Use the field below to e-mail me directly for booking.


If you have questions about any of the above, please drop me a line! I love talking to new people.

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