Meditation and Synchronicity

I've been doing guided meditations now for a few weeks consistently, and things are really getting interesting... I feel a lot of clarity when it comes to my own emotions. At certain times in my life, my emotions were these waves that ebbed and flowed, and sometimes they crashed down on me, and I never felt like I could surface.

I've really started to feel comfortable in my own emotional state. I can see a little better WHY certain things arise in me. Or if I don't have the why, I have the clarity to know that these things may be coming up in this moment, but they will pass. And I have faith in that because I've had them pass more and more often. My time of getting back to emotional equilibrium is shorter.

One other really interesting side effect of all of this emotional/mental/spiritual work is seeing crazy amounts of synchronicity! If you're not familiar, a synchronicity is essentially a coincidence, but it's not attributed to mere chance; it's attributed to the fact that the universe is lining up and you're right where you're supposed to be. They're sort of like signs that you're on the right path. It's been happening so much recently that it borders on spooky... but it's a really thrilling moment when you realize one as it occurs.

Practitioners and advocates of meditation have said that the practice can be linked to these occurrences. Licensed psychologist Robert Puff, PhD, wrote in Psychology Today: " I believe that synchronous events happen more often when we’re meditating. Why? Here’s my theory: The central goal of meditation is to help you slow down, quiet your mind, and be still. As you develop your practice, as you learn to slow down, and as you quiet your mind, you may find that synchronous events begin to increase. Because meditation is such a powerful change agent and improves your life, I sometimes wonder if the universe or God is giving back to us to let us know that we are on the right track and remind us to keep meditating."

This weekend, my husband and I went away for Labor Day weekend/our anniversary, and he and I were amazed by their frequency throughout the trip. We visited family as well, and the things that came up in conversation were subjects we had all been thinking about separately that day, or perhaps he and I discussed, but never with anyone else. It happened more than once with meaningful songs, or songs we had spoken about moments/hours before. I happened to think "I need a car wash right about now" and realized that I was parked across the street from one. A hotel room that had the same (non-original) artwork as our home. One that was playing a marathon of our favorite werid-ass show.

If any or all of these things had happened with much more time between them, you might think nothing of it, or might not even remember the other ones. They are, after all, relatively minor. But the fact that they were happening with consistency throughout the day was astounding. 

It'll be interesting to see how things develop as our meditation practice becomes even more consistent. I'm hoping to try to journal as many moments of synchronicity as I can to look back at the days and weeks.