Home Practice Blues

I have to confess to a bit of internet hypocrisy.

I post stuff on Instagram all the time under #yogaeverydamnday. Truth is, while I might have taught that day, meditated that day, or tried to bring the teachings of yoga into my daily life, I haven't been practicing alone for myself in far too long. 

This seems to be a common theme among yoga teachers. We get so enamored with how beautiful the teachings are and how wonderful practice makes us feel that we can't help but spread it more in more. However, as we start to teach more, we may cut corners when it comes to taking time for ourselves. 

So I recently rearranged my home space to make for a more comfortable area in which to practice. I made the mantle in our bedroom an altar of beautiful things that bring peace and positivity to our environment. I got some amazing incense and lit that ish up! (I also diffuse my Young Living oils whenever possible. #shamelesspromo) 

Even though it may be small, my home is truly my sanctuary. It's a comfortable little haven for my husband and I, which we both really need after full days in the energy of this city. So now that I've purposefully made space in the physical realm for my practice, it's time to make space in the mental realm: my damn schedule!

We all are rushing around so much and often feel like we have no time to practice! Not having enough time is the primary cause of so many people's stress, and it's my No. 1 issue for certain. I recently listened to an interview with the late poet John O'Donohue in which he said that stress is just a perverse relationship with time. Spot on. And New Yorkers might be the most warped of all in this department! 

I'm happy to say that this morning I woke up early as hell (for me) and started my day with 20 minutes of meditation and 30 minutes of flow. And I feel wonderful. (Just patting myself on the back.) Besides the obvious physical perks of a deep stretch upon waking up, I feel like now that the most important things are taken care of, I can feel pretty good about the day no matter what happens.

It seems like in every interview I listen to, people are always saying that they wake up early and take care of themselves. I've heard it countless times, but I only feel like it's just now really sinking in. They're totally onto something with this self-care thing!